Sunday 26 November 2017

Things Never Go Smooth

Remember last week when I said I'd be running a Frozen Skies one shot at the local university's games society?

Unfortunately it ended up being cancelled, though with the prospect of being rescheduled at a later date. My plan was originally going to be writing up the post-game session report for this week's blog post, instead I'll be writing up what I'd intended to run. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Things Never Go Smooth

What I had planned to run was the adventure of the same name as this post, though I was going to cheat a little to make things interesting. I decided to go with two or three complications that the players would've had to deal with in turn. The idea being to show off both Frozen Skies and the Savage Worlds system since I was expecting players who'd never played or perhaps even heard of Savage Worlds before.

The plan was to run with 2-6 players, which I created 7 pre-gen characters listed below (will provide full character stats if theres enough interest);

The Brick

They would've had a cargo plane built round a light bomber chassis and fitted with a pair of turrets, giving them reasonable protection as I was going to include a little bit of aerial combat (either critters or sky pirates). Once through their aerial gauntlet they would arrive in town to find their contact in jail (Complication No.1), having the option of busting him out or just gleaming what info they could. They would then learn that the goods were in the hands of a rival gang (Complication No.2), meaning that they would have to recover them somehow.

Going a bit of investigative work would reveal that the goods had been stashed in a cave outside of town (Complication No.3). Trooping out to the cave would've seen the characters possibly fighting of animal attacks before dealing with the rival gang members guarding the cave. This would be ground based and I'd encouraged the players to consider getting some sort of vehicle, particularly since some of the characters had the driving skill. Again they had options here, either stealth or brute force. Then possibly a Chase as they raced back to their aircraft with the goods in hand.

Hopefully I'll still get to run this, though its fodder for somebody else to use if they so wished (though please please let me know how it goes).

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