Monday 27 May 2019

Weird Science Update!

A recent conversion has prompted a look and some ideas how Weird Science works in Frozen Skies under the SWADE rules. How Power Points and Devices work now warranted a rethink for Frozen Skies. Hoping to preserve the differences between Glim-Tech and Ancient Terran devices, if anything to reflect their own style and theme.

She Blinded Me With (Weird) Science!

Weird Science in Frozen Skies works the same way as it does in SWADE, the normal rules work for Glim-Tech devices. Ancient Terran Artefacts are handled a little differently.

*Ancient Artefacts impose a -2 penalty to use due to how unfamiliar they are for people to use.

*The Unstable rule remains.

*Ancient Artefacts are treated as Arcane Devices under SWADE, though they come with their own pool of 5 Power Points (which can be added to).

*Ancient Artefacts cannot be created without the Ancient Terran Artificer Edge, though they can be found in the world and used.

Overdrive! Overcharge! Supercharge!

The changes also mean that some changes are needed for the Weird Science Edges in Frozen Skies.

Overcharge - Reduces the cost of Power Modifiers by 1.

Supercharge - Requires Overcharge, reduces the Power Modifier cost by an additional 1.

Glim-Tech Mastery - Grants +2 bonus to using Glim-Tech and Ancient devices.

Ancient Terran Novice (formerly Ancient Terran Mastery) - Reduces the penalty to use Ancient devices by 1, now a Novice ranked Edge.

Ancient Terran Associate (formerly AT Expert) - Removes the -2 penalty for using Ancient Artefacts, now a Seasoned Edge.

Ancient Terran Technician - Requires AT Associate, grants a re-roll to use Ancient Devices.

Ancient Terran Master - Veteran ranked Edge and requires AT Technician, removes the Unstable rule.

Ancient Terran Artificer - Now Heroic ranked Edge, grants the ability to craft new Ancient devices and increases the device's own pool of PPs to 1.

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