Monday 7 October 2019


Little bit of a short post this week, working overtime at the day-job and thus I have less free time. This is an idea that I've had brewing for a while and a question on the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord prompted me to finally post it. Hopefully this will give people more options and ideas for their Frozen Skies whilst expanding the availability of land vehicles.

Source - Keith Thompson

Iron Beasts

Landships are another weapon of war that found themselves being made surplus to requirements following the end of the Great Darmonican War. Many of the Landship fleets of the various nations were drastically reduced as armies adapted to peacetime budgets, so many machines being scrapped or sold off. Much like war surplus aircraft, many landships were snapped up by private ventures and merc outfits.

Alyeska's Wulver problem has proven to be a renaissance for landships far as the Commonwealth is concerned, their armoured hulls able to turn the claws of the fiercest Wulver. Ex-military landships have been in great demand, they're rugged and easier to maintain compared to aircraft. A few enterprising persons have looked at the possibly of constructing purpose-built civilian models.


Size: 9 (Huge)
Handling: -2
Top Speed (MPH): 25
Toughness: 24 (8)
Crew: 4 (2+10 if transport variant)
Notes: Heavy Armor, Tracked
Weapons: Varies; Any combination of turret-mounted cannon up to 76mm, Medium and Heavy machine guns on pintle mounts.

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