Wednesday 10 July 2013

On Matters Arcana 10/7/2013

This is really a tangent following on from Monday's post, I feel that should be addressed.

Magic is a trope for alot of Roleplaying Games, not just those in the 'traditional' fantasy setting as has been proven time and again. Though I'm still hesitant to have magic in the Realms of Darmonica setting, least not in its typical format.

Course there is the Weird Science Arcane Background Edge in Savage Worlds and it just seem to slot into place as I hashed out the details behind Fultorium, something in the setting that gave justification for having the Weird Science. Also RoD is suppose to be a Dieselpunk setting with some minor fantasy elements, so Weird Science fits and allows for all kinds of weird and wacky gadgets commonly seen in both the Steampunk and Dieselpunk genres. So as it stands, Weird Science will be the only Arcane 'profession' in Darmonica for the foreseeable.

That said, I'll probably look at expanding the Arcane sides of things as ideas develop and I get feedback from players.

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